Monday, May 16, 2011
Reflections on my MindGym LET Review:

A professor from UP was recommending MindGym to a classmate when I overheard their conversation. A few hours later I saw a post in one of my many yahoogroups, a phone number and email of MindGym. Googling was faster so I searched for their site to check feedback about the center when I came across a tribute to a name so achingly familiar. Mr. Mabuhay Alonzo had died and I never knew. He was one of my favorite teachers from UP. He saw greatness in me I never knew I had. He, at the time of our last conversation, was saddened by the deterioration of nationalism in children and the youth. To him, teachers must be vigilant in teaching nationalism in the social sciences but how would such be done if the subject is diminishing? If the social sciences in the elementary and high school merge with other subjects to save time and money?

The idea haunts me still.

Such blog elevated MindGym in another level in my heirarchy of respectable institutions. Suddenly it became a familiar place to be, somewhere I would probably meet more people with like-minds as I. After all it was a professor I knew who first uttered the name MindGym. I'd like to believe we have the same minds (winks).

Family Support
Cleober is my avid supporter. He suggested I review in a center as I might get valuable information deprived of self-reviewees and even financed the review (and my masteral degree hihi) as he is a believer of preparation for any event that could change our lives personally and as a family. This called for such times and his support went all the way. He also financed my mother's flight to Manila just so I had a personal Math and Physics tutor. My daughter in her 6-year-old mind prayed to God everyday that mommy would pass the exam along with Barbie to find her dress and our dog Cosmo to always be in good health. My 11-year-old would come to an agreement with me to top the LET and he to belong to the top10 in his class. I can't believe my luck. I was carried by my family on their backs all the way to a dream come true.

Study-Buddies, Best Friends Forever
She smiled at me after I submitted my diagnostic test. It felt warm to see someone still smiling after a tiring and grueling test. We met again on our first day of review at MindGym. I was given a welcome and kindness from their group of already five people. In short, I was an excess but that didn't stop our group from bonding. No matter how bonded a group is, there will always be that one person you are drawn to - either the person next to you or someone familiar to you. Acel would pull up a chair for me when I'm late (which is like every meeting or so) or would offer her delectable baon of fresh bread. She had this homey feel about her that I felt the need to show her the same courtesy she has given me.

When asked to choose a study-buddy, we were told it would be best if we chose someone in same field as ours so it would be easier to study. I looked around at the room for someone in the same field as I but I honestly didn't feel connected to them. More so I had a friend who expressed she was in badly need of help to pass the LET. I didn't think twice. I knew at that point on Acel would be my study-buddy. She happened to be a major in the subject that was my waterloo. I had simply justified that it would be a mutual relationship between us, that we will be helping each other out.

Reviewing our lessons were not the only things we shared. We had our novenas together, lunches that became dinners, intimate family secrets and the power of my mother's knowledge and wisdom about the teaching profession. Just this past weekend my husband and I traveled to Oriental Mindoro just to visit her and her family.

Taking the LET
The exam was hard! No amount of preparation would have been enough to know all the answers in the exam. However, all the preparation and advise MindGym gave us kept us on our toes, to never be complacent, to be ready for anything. While working my brains out during my exam, I wondered about Acel and our study group. In my heart I prayed they would all remember to be calm and read the questions thoroughly.

Another tiring and grueling exam. But that was the real exam and it was over.

A few hours later after the exam, Acel appeared gloomily. What she didn't know was that I was very happy to see her. To go to an after-exam party even though your head is aching and your heart breaking, means to me that she cared about her exam and she probably followed test-manship to the dot and gave it her all.

Waiting Game
The waiting part was bearable at first then it got ridiculously gruesome nearing the expected date of announcement of result. Sleep was fleeting and hypertensions shot up to the sky. And when I thought I couldn't bear the wait any more, the day would turn to night and then day would come again.

I let it go and decided that shopping was a better way to release my anxieties. In the middle of the candies and chocolate aisle of the supermarket, Acel sent the good news through text - the LET results were out and she passed.

We both did. And all members of our study group.
Thank God for MindGym: I passed the LET and gained a bff.

Thank you mom for being my inspiration, my teacher, my mother.

Most of all, thank you my dearest Cleober for always coming up with our best laid plans.

In the end, life is good. God is Great.

Goddess Morwen at 6:49 AM